What information is included within the EPC? What to expect from an EPC inspection.


The Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC is a government approved document that displays a predicted energy cost rating and carbon dioxide emission rating for heating and lighting your property. There are different EPC formats for new build dwellings, existing dwellings and commercial buildings.

The ratings are expressed on a scale of 1 to 100, the higher the better, and are grouped into seven bands from A to G, where A is the highest efficiency.

The current average rating for a dwelling in Scotland is band D.

In addition to the energy cost and environmental impact rating, the EPC also states the predicted costs for heating, domestic hot water and lighting the property. In this way a prospective purchaser or tenant can use the EPC as a comparison between on dwelling and another.

The EPC may include a table of recommended energy saving improvements. These will only be included if the software predicts that the improvements would be worthwhile, would be suitable for the type of property and would make a significant improvement to the Energy Rating of the dwelling.

Extent of Inspection

To undertake the EPC the energy assessor measures and visually inspects the dwelling both internally and externally. They will be looking for information on the property's construction, glazing, heating system and any ways in which heat may be lost from the property. The assessor will try to inspect all parts of the dwelling but health and safety consideration may restrict this - particularly in areas such as cellars and loft spaces.

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