A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (CEPC) is required on all commercial properties which are now sold or leased and have a useful floor area greater than 50m2. Some buildings are Exempt such as Places of Worship, Temporary Structures for less than 2 years usage, Low Energy demand buildings, etc.

Calculations for the commercial EPC is carried out by inspecting the property and assessing the property's age, construction and size along with types of lighting, ventilation, insulation, fenestration and heating systems.


From the 9th of January 2013, all public buildings with a floor area greater than 500m2 will be required to display a commercial energy performance certificate.

All buildings for sale or lease must display an EPC.

All advertisements for the sale or lease of commercial properties must display the EPC including sales particulars.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates must be prepared by appropriately trained and approved energy assessors, through a recognised protocol agreement and all EPCs must now be included in a central register. We can provide CEPCs in Perth, Dundee and Tayside using the BRE approved lifespan SBEM software system and Sterling accreditation protocol.

If you require a CEPC in Perth, Dundee or Tayside, we are your local provider who can produce your Commercial Energy Performance Certificate from £350.00.

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